Norberto Bilgoraj


With over thirty years experience in the real estate industry, Norberto Bilgoraj has a proven track record of success that offers the combination of professionalism and performance.

Mr. Bilgoraj has been advising buyers and investors worldwide to seize the unique opportunities that Manhattan real estate offers. Over the years, his vast knowledge of the business of real estate has enabled many individuals and corporations to buy or sell a residence or to successfully build an infrastructure to invest and manage Manhattan real estate.

Mr. Bilgoraj possesses extensive experience in finance, investing and trading. A native of Rome, he was raised in Europe and Argentina and educated in Italy and Switzerland. He is fluent in Italian, French and Spanish and has a working knowledge of other languages. Since 1984 he has called the Upper East Side of Manhattan home. Amongst many other passions, Mr. Bilgoraj loves cruising Manhattan on his bicycle which for many years has been his main mode of transportation for both work and leisure.